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Rewards Lab

Loyalty Program

Welcome to the Rewards Lab for Pets Gourmet Express (PGE). Now that you are a customer of PGE, you'll be handsomely rewarded for your purchases. This is our little way to say Thank You for your support.

How to sign up:

You’ll be automatically signed up when you make your first purchase with Pets Gourmet Express.

How it works:

For every dollar that you spent at our online store, you will earn one reward point. As you accumulate an increasing amount of points, you may at any time choose to redeem rewards as stated in the redemption schemes depending on how many points you wish to spend.

Issuing of points:

Every $1 spent = 1 reward point.


Redeem your rewards by simply emailing to us at petsgourmetexpress@gmail.com with the redemption code.

Terms & conditions:

Call us: +65 83382919

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